Exciting Times and a Great New Offering

With 2020 being happily left in the rear view mirror HDNA has been organising what we hope will be a terrific 2021. The year will see many of the competitions and programs you have come to love as well as a new offering that we believe will secure the future of netball in Highfields

The season offerings will commence with

1) Prep 4 Rep. This program is a great way for any player that wants to prepare themselves for the Interdistrict or State Age competitions, not just for Highfields but whatever team you play for. Proven results, great friendships all while getting ready for season 2021.

2) Interdistrict. Interdistrict is a excellent stepping stone for any player, coach or official to start their journey on the representative pathway. Meet players from all over the region and experience netball at a new level. 

3) State Age. State Age is the premier competition for aspiring young netballers and the next step on your representative journey. Under the guidance of expert coaches who care and nurture young athletes to reach their full potential. A experience like no other and a chance to come together with netballer from across the state.

4) Monday Night Social. Netball does not have to end because your circumstances change. This indoor competition allows athletes of all ages enjoy social netball. Play just for the joy of the game and with others who feel the same.

5) QPL & MEG ENGLART. With Netball Queensland making the great decision to give autonomy of competitions back to the regions we are waiting for Darling Down Netball Association in conjunction with the other Associations and ourselves to agree on and announce a new model. We cant wait to see what this will be

6) Club Netball. The biggest change in 2021 is HDNA will be running the H-Series on Saturday, its own locally based netball competition. Though this competition is not netball as you have known it, it is netball designed for the players and allows you as a family to engage with your chosen sport the way you want to. Its part of Netball Queensland's Netball United vision, breaking down barriers to get more people playing and more than that make the game enjoyable to every one. 

So lets outline the vision

Highfields is the fastest growing corridor in Queensland and with a rapidly expanding population comes new opportunities. Highfields is being embraced by many different sporting codes and they are all beginning to offer localised competitions at Highfields. In order to ensure Netball’s growth and prevent players being lost to rival sports, the time has come for our very own HDNA H-Series program, hosted at our own home courts in Highfields. 


Of course, to simply offer another competition would be pointless, so we are overhauling what a competition is all about.


H-Series netball is not just another competition at a new venue, this is netball for Generation Z and beyond. It’s time we unleash our game’s potential and break the shackles that have been holding it back.

We are blitzing costs

· Uniforms are now optional. Year after year we received feedback that the expense of uniforms that players out grew in one season was excessive. So they are gone. If your team wants to wear them great, if not no problem. 

· We pay for all the umpires. No more additional costs, just an all inclusive competition fee. 

· We provide match balls and bibs for every game. We will also provide free coaching and umpiring mentoring at no additional cost.

Canteen Profit Sharing

There is no point in an Association pocketing all of the profits when its Clubs or teams suffer. HDNA want to support the growth of all teams and clubs in our region. Have a school, Club or team you are keen to raise some funds for? Stock the canteen with volunteers and receive 50% of the profit made for that day! Every time you do canteen you are making money for your organisation, so your volunteers now have a reason to stick their hand up and help. 

Netball Your Way

We are stripping back competition rules. A rule book should never prevent friends from playing together or a new player jumping into a team to cover vacancies. Got a friend that wants to join mid-season? No problem! We want to make netball fun and not have players and coaches asking eligibility questions or scanning rule books for clauses. We want to celebrate the game, not the doctrine.

Your team can train, of course, but if you don’t want to that’s fine too. Numbers dependent we will be running both social and competitive divisions.

Free Weekly Skill Sessions

Each week any player who is registered in H-Series can attend free training clinics run by accredited coaches, on top of any team training they may attend. Basic/Beginner sessions will run from 4.30 – 5.30 whilst an Advanced Skill Extension session will run from 5.30- 7.00 for suitable players. These sessions are optional but they are all part of your H-Series experience. Investing in players underpins their growth and helps strengthen the quality of netball in our region, as well as people’s enjoyment and understanding of the game. These skills sessions also give players from all teams and clubs the opportunity to get to know each other away from the competition - building our #teamgirls (and boys) bond. 


This is a complete re-envisaging of grass roots netball, designed to make it more accessible, attractive to younger players all whilst redistributing the wealth that any competition generates to its members be they Clubs, schools or other Associations. In starting this competition we hope to ensure netball continues to grow in Highfields and potential players are not lost to rival codes because we failed to offer a local alternative.

We know to some that some this may seem rash by changing long held beliefs that uniforms and extensive competition rules are needed. To this we say the joy of netball is in the playing of the game - the rest is window dressing. We look forward to welcoming any interested players and parties to the H-Series 2021.