Meet Megan Bartlett-Horne from HDNA

As we are taking a break from Netball thanks to Covid-19 we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce you to some people in the netball community. Megan is the heart and soul of HDNA, when we talk about some one who wears lots of hats this lady fits the bill. Association Secretary, Coach, Club Coaching Coordinator, Mentor and honestly helps out with just about anything that needs doing. Her passion for netball is obvious and her belief and love of grassroots netball makes her so special.


So this week we have asked Megan to take on the HDNA Fast 5


1) If you could have coached one famous Netballer when they were a child who would it be and why ?


Gretel Tippett. I know the purists don’t agree, but I love the athleticism and unpredictability she brings to the game. 


2) What do you do to relax whilst you have been in lock down ?


I signed up for an online coaching workshop and have been watching netball reruns from the Commonwealth Games and World Cup 😁 


3) Name one thing that would surprise people about you ?


I was a professional jazz singer in my 20s. 


4) Why do you love Netball ?


Netball is the sports equivalent of “negative space” in art! The person with the ball is limited by the footwork rule, so it’s the action around them that is critical to success. I find that tactically fascinating! 


5) Do you prefer passion in a player or natural ability ?


Both would be great! 😁 If I must choose, I’d choose passion because often in netball the game is won by the team that refuses to give up no matter how tired they are or how great the odds are against them.