HART Sport backs regional Netball

Many of us are very familiar with HART Sport!

They were the naming Rights Sponsor of the 2019 inaugural HART Sapphire Series Netball competition and will continue their Support in 2020 also, but they have also been long term sporting partners to so many different codes, associations and grass-roots clubs across the state. In fact you would be hard pressed to find one of our athletes that has not used their equipment at one time or another.

HART Sport partnered with Netball QLD in 2019 to really make an impact and help grow the sport of Netball here in QLD, and with this partnership came the great opportunity to directly support more local and rural netball carnivals!


That's why HDNA first reached out to HART to see if they would support our Interdistrict Carnival and even more importantly regional Netball. We are glad to say that HART did not hesitate to become a partner with HDNA and support Netball on the Downs. We asked HART to recommend one of their Netballs that would showcase their line and stand up to the rigours of our Interdistrict competition.


Claire from HART immediately recommended the HART Sapphire Series Netball Match Ball. This ball was personally tested, designed and picked by Netball QLD for QLD netballers and with our playing conditions in mind!


The hand stitched netball features the highest Grade Rubbers, 3 ply polycotton lining, dual Layered Latex bladder and a Bold Grip which provides a consistent bounce and flight, excellent ball handling, and a soft tacky feel which is perfect to combat our Humid QLD Weather.


The HART Sapphire Series Netball is HART Sport’s premium netball, so of course we had to ask why such a recommendation for our Interdistrict Competition. In their eyes, it was simple we want the champions of tomorrow to play with the netball that is used by the champions of today. 


This sums up HARTS philosophy and why HDNA is so pleased to form a partnership with them, they don't see city or country Netball. They just see Netball and no matter where you live they are there for the player.


HART Sports commitment will see every court being supplied with Sapphire Series Netballs and perhaps more than that a chance for every player to dream what it would be like to hit the court as a Sapphire player and maybe just maybe one day a Firebird!

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