Why is HDNA running the H-Series?

Highfields is one of the fastest growing communities in Queensland. As the population grows the interest from other sports is growing as well. A number of these sports are already or about to offer Highfields based competitions. As a netball Association our commitment is to grow and ensure the success of Netball in our community. Future potential players and families have already been lost to rival codes as the attraction of playing in a local competition has lured them away. We are now responding to community expectation and working with Netball Queensland to ensure netball keeps a strong representation in Highfields and the surrounding areas.

Why no Uniforms?

New uniforms every year cost money. Most young players join us in their growth spurt years and we recognise this is an added expense many people can do without. This is a real cost to families and uniforms have no direct bearing on the quality or enjoyment of the game so we think they should be optional. If teams want to still wear uniforms go ahead, if people want to wear something else that’s fine too. We are also very conscious that some players did not want to or could not wear the uniforms, so if this makes netball more accessible to more players and families we think it’s a step in the right direction.

Why have you simplified competition rules?

Saturday competitions are about fun and participation. If coaches have to look through rule books cross check eligibility and ask for exemptions something is seriously broken. Players want to hit the court and have fun. If someone does not turn up you should be able to just run up to a player and say “Hey want a game”. The idea of having to verify player’s appearances and then having players banned from playing in certain divisions or teams is something we believe sits in competitive netball Interdistrict, State Age or the HART Series. We want players to make friends and want to come back.

What about training?

If a team wants to train then that’s great, it’s a wonderful way to build skills, increase fitness and learn new techniques. We also recognise some players and families don’t have another night they can dedicate to netball so, teams decide if they want to train. What happens if I want more training or my team does not train and I want to? No problem we will run free training clinics on Tuesdays for any player registered in the H-Series. We are just giving you as a family and as a player choice of how you engage with us.

Why share profits with clubs and schools?

The idea of any association is to help build the strength of its clubs and members. The idea of stockpiling money whilst your members struggle with finances is just not what we are about. Strong clubs, schools (members) mean a stronger competition and a better chance for them to grow and prosper. Why should members give up valuable time and not be rewarded for their efforts. So we are giving 50% of canteen profits back to our members.

This is not what netball is about!

Sport is changing. The idea we dictate to the community who they MUST interact with in netball is outdated. People vote with their feet, if you don’t offer a model that fits in with their lifestyle and players find engaging then they simply walk away. We don’t want anyone to walk away so we have listened to the feedback. Looked at Netball Queensland’s Netball United vision and made the first step of modernising our delivery to the community.  If you really think about and can be honest was it really the rule books or the uniforms that made netball? Or, was it the fun, friendship and playing the game that mattered most?

Won’t this be detrimental to netball in the region?

Netball in the Toowoomba region has been a constant and has existed for many years and we hope will do so for many, many more. Highfields is adjusting to the growth of the city and is adapting to the publics need for a venue that is more centrally located for northern residents. Other sports are already running competitions in Highfields and this is already coercing players from travelling into town. Our job as an association is to grow netball and ensure its future. Acting as a catchment area for this and future growth is essential to keep the sport viable and competitive in the Darling Downs.