Interested in becoming a coach? Want to know what's involved? Check out our FAQs below or send us an EOI!

what's involved?

If you are interested in becoming a coach, let us know! Send us an email here.

​The Netball Queensland accreditation program is a great way to build your coaching skills. There are also many online resources available both paid and free. 

what programs can i attend to kick start my coaching journey?

Beginner/developing coaches are always welcome to attend the weekly H-series skills sessions held during our winter season. These sessions utilise the Netball Australian KNEE program for warm up/down and teach basic netball skills using a variety of drills aimed at improving footwork, passing, defence, court sense etc and are a great way for new coaches to build their own repertoire. 

If you are interested in coaching for H-series and want more information – please contact Megan via

where can i find coaching resources

Netball Queensland run formal coaching accreditation courses and workshops using a mix of online and in person workshops. Check out the tabs at the bottom of this page for more information: