Everything you need to know about Net Set Go!

what is net set go?

Net Set Go (NSG) is a 10 week skills based program developed by Netball Australia to teach girls and boys 10 years and younger the basic skills required for netball. This is not a competition! Participants are grouped by age into the program streams – NET 5&6yo, SET 7&8yo and GO 9&10yo where they are taught basic netball skills in fun and age appropriate ways.

Volunteer Net Set Go coaches are always welcome and there is a comprehensive week by week program provided. 

In 2022 our NSG program is being held term 1. Any SET or GO aged participants who want to move into competition can join our Winter H-series played on Saturdays in terms 2 and 3 (minimum age for competition is 7 years old).

when and where is net set go taking place?

Net Set Go commences Monday 7 Feb and runs every Monday to 11 April 2022 from 4-5pm at Highfields and Districts Netball Association - 220 Barracks Rd, Highfields.

how much does it cost?

The NSG fees for 2022 are $120. This includes a participant pack of NSG branded t-shirt plus a ball sent to all registered participants. HDNA also includes a “break up” party at the end of the last session.

where can i find out more?

You can find out more by visiting the official Net Set Go website here.