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So what is this Rep I keep hearing about?

In true Aussie fashion, “Rep” is the slang term we use for our HDNA Representative Netball program. :D

Rep netball is played at a higher level and intensity than club netball and involves competition with other Netball Associations within the Darling Downs Netball Region (Inter District competition) and other Queensland Netball Associations (State Age competitions). Player commitment requirements are higher with compulsory training, assigned positions and court time based on performance.


Who can play Rep?

Our Association fields teams in both the Championship and Challenge divisions of the State Age competitions. We also field teams in the Darling Downs Inter District competition.

In 2023, rep teams are available for players born in 2005 through 2012.

Rep selections are highly competitive but, as they say, you’ll never know if you don’t try!


Can boys play rep netball?

Absolutely! For State Age, boys can play for HDNA in the u12 years division (as the Australian wide sport recommendation is that 12 and under sport is gender neutral). For boys u13s and older there are now dedicated boys divisions in both Senior and Junior State Age.

For Inter District, again, there are no restrictions on male/female ratios for 11/12 years.


Additionally, the Darling Downs Netball Region allows male players in the 13/14 years divisions. For 15 and up, written permission is required and the number of boys per team may be limited, or they may be required to play in Opens, based on size, strength and ability. The DDNR committee will assess each application on its merits.


What is the difference between State Age and Inter District?

State Age, as the name implies, is a state wide competition run by Netball Queensland. There are two competitions – (SSA) Senior State Age (u15, u16 and 17/18s) and (JSA) Junior State Age (u12, u13 and u14).

Both SSA and JSA have two divisions – Championship and Challenge. The Championship division is highly competitive with many players going on to play at Elite levels. The Challenge division is still very competitive, providing a pathway for talented players who require further development.  The


SSA carnival is held over 4 days in the April school holidays (exact dates and venue TBA) and the JSA carnival is held over 4 days in the Jun/Jul school holidays (exact dates and venue TBA).

State Age teams travel to the Senior and Junior SA carnivals as a team and stay together, with their coaches and managers, for the duration of the carnival. Transport and accommodation costs are included in the SA fee schedule.

The Inter District competition is run by the Darling Downs Netball Region for affiliated associations (Chinchilla, Dalby, Fassifern, Goondiwindi, Highfields, Kingaroy, Laidley, Lockyer, Maranoa, Nanango, Stanthorpe, Toowoomba and Warwick) and comprises age groups 11/12, 13/14, 15/16 and Opens. This competition provides an additional pathway for players who either prefer the ID format or have not yet been selected for SA but wish to continue their Rep development. Most age groups have multiple divisions, with division 1 being highly competitive and often including State Age teams from smaller associations.

ID has a 5 carnival format with each carnival hosted by Associations around the region. For example, in 2022, the ID carnivals were held in Warwick, Maranoa, Highfields, Laidley and Toowoomba. All carnivals are held on Sundays, usually between late April and early September. The first two carnivals are used for grading, carnivals 3 and 4, plus the early rounds of carnival 5, are used to ensure all teams in each division have played each other. Finals are held late morning/early afternoon of day 5. Carnival dates and venues are usually announced in November.


Can I nominate for Inter District only? Or State Age only?

Absolutely. There are a number of factors including dates, costs etc which may create a preference for one competition over another. Selections are made based on the highest team suitable for each player. So if you have nominated for both State Age and Inter District, you will be selected based on the best team for your ability.

Nomination for trials does not guarantee you a place in a team.  Rep teams are held to a high standard, and our rep program is very popular due to our consistent success.


How are the teams graded?

Short answer? Competitively. Ask anyone who has participated in State Age and they will tell you how fierce the competition is. Most of the Associations have a significantly larger population trialling than we do. Some Associations have 4-500 players trialling for the 20-30 State Age positions available in each age group. Even in u12s you will see tall, strong, experienced players filling the teams, especially from the greater Brisbane region and Coastal associations.

Despite having a much smaller population base, our rep program is amazingly strong. In the decade since Elite coach, Bec Stower, implemented the Highfields Way rep program, we have won two Performance awards and had multiple top 10 finishes in both the Championship and Challenge divisions. HDNA is extremely proud to have always fielded teams in the fiercely competitive Championship division, with significant success and numerous teams qualifying for Div 1 each year.

As an example, in 2022 we won the SSA Performance Award, meaning that, per capita, our senior SA teams amassed the highest performance points throughout the state! Bell Hayes’ 16 Navy team was undefeated in the Championship division at the SSA carnival and ended up 2nd in the State (based on for and against). Both our 15 and 16 Red teams finished in Div 1 of the Challenge division. Similarly, at JSA, Jodie Ferguson’s 14 Navy made Div 1 of Championship, finishing 7th in the state with Bec Stower’s 12 Navy finishing 11th.


With this history in mind, our State Age squads are picked to provide the two strongest teams possible in each age group. Our Navy teams compete in the Championship division and our Red teams compete in the Challenge division. (In the u12 age group, as it is the first year at SA for these players, teams are not separated into Championship and Challenge until the end of day 2).

In order to continue to build depth in our players and coaches, and to offer additional development opportunities, we also select separate teams for Inter District. Some associations enter their SA teams in the ID competition, however we want to give as many players as possible the opportunity to experience rep netball and develop their skills, so our Inter District teams are made up of talent identified players who need further development at rep level as well as players who have chosen to trial for Inter District only. 


I have been named in a State Age squad, how do I know what team I am in?

For organisational reasons, especially with SSA being held so early in the year now, we hold our Rep trials each November for the following year. For State Age 2023, we will select a squad of up to 20 players to commence training in the New Year. Squad training will last for 2-4 weeks until the selectors are satisfied with their team selections, at which point all players will receive an email with their team details.

While most people generally aim to make the Navy team, we encourage players to see their selection in any Rep team as an opportunity for further development and to recognise the honour in representing our award winning association. Not all players will be successful in making a team, so if you have been selected, it is an excellent opportunity for your netball development.

Rather than thinking of SA Navy, SA Red and ID as teams ranked from 1 – 3, we see each team on a linear spectrum across an age group. There is often movement between the teams from season to season and our selectors place players in the teams that are best suited for their current level – it is then up to the player to use these opportunities to develop for future seasons.



What about QSS netball?

QSS, Queensland School Sport, provides another rep netball pathway. Players must be QLD students and participate in multiple trials to represent their region (based on their school’s location). Our region is Darling Downs and the DD trials are made up of students selected at sub regional level trials eg Toowoomba, Inner Downs, Western Downs, Bunya  etc.

Each sub region holds a trial day to select a team in the relevant age groups (11s, 12s, 13-15s, Opens) and then these teams compete at the DD trial day where selectors will choose players for a match including Possibles v Probables and, from there, select players for the DD team.

All nominations are made via the school, so contact your school’s sports coordinator early in term 1 to ensure you are given the opportunity to trial for the relevant DD team.

I haven’t made a team or haven’t made my preferred team, what can I do?

  1. Don’t give up! Playing netball at elite levels requires more than just talent or desire. It takes resilience, determination, commitment and courage. In children’s sport players grow at different times and rates. Emotional and physical maturity can affect ability - some growth spurts affect coordination, speed and fitness in a positive way, some in a negative way while the brain and body catch up to each other! So don’t let disappointment one season affect the next!

  2. You can always email for feedback following selections. The lead coach in each age group can provide guidance on areas to target for improvement.

  3. Take all development opportunities, wherever you find them. Even if you have been placed in a rep team that was not your 1st preference, this is still a chance to learn and develop/remediate your skills. If you have missed out entirely, seek out clinics and skills sessions. If you participate in HDNA’s winter H-Series, we run free weekly skills sessions on Thursdays (additional to team training). The Darling Downs Panthers run holiday clinics and the Cubs program - all designed to increase skills across the age groups. Premier Conditioning can tailor a fitness program specifically for netballers. There are lots of ways to improve! Keep an eye on socials for details or contact your local club or HDNA for information.


So I’ve made a rep team and now I have to attend training every Monday?

Absolutely you do! Along with the privilege of representing your association, you also now have the responsibility of participating actively in the rep program. This means – attending all training sessions, being on time and maintaining a positive attitude. If you are unable to attend training, make sure to let your manager and coach know. Netball is a team sport. Our coaches (all volunteers!) structure their training sessions to achieve certain goals, if you are not there to learn the skills and strategies being taught this has a flow on effect on the team, particularly with regards to court structure and set plays.


How do I trial for a Rep team?

If you were born in 2012, 2011, 2010 or 2009, you can trial for our Junior Rep program via both Prep4Rep and a trial day. Nominations are required via TryBooking – link will be released on our website and socials in early September. There are two components to Junior Rep trials:

  1. Participate in our Prep4Rep program which is held Mondays 6-7.30pm from 4 Oct – 7 Nov in 2022. Prep4Rep is a 5 week skills program which includes skill development, specialist positional coaching and match play.

  2. Attend trial day on Saturday 12 Nov (age group times and venue to be advised once registrations have closed).


If you were born in 2008, 2007, 2006 or 2005, you can join in the prep4rep sessions if you wish or simply trial for our senior Rep program at the trial day on Saturday 12 Nov (age group times and venue to be advised once registrations have closed).

Everyone trialling must register via TryBooking – link will be released on our website and socials in early September.


How do the trials work?

For our Juniors we use a multi-step approach which includes observation of prep4rep sessions as well as an actual trial day in match format. This gives our selectors the opportunity to observe young players to see how they respond to coaching, how readily they can implement new skills, and which positions they are more naturally suited to as well as seeing them perform, under pressure, in the trial match environment.

If you ask the average junior player their preferred position, you will get a LOT of GAs and Centres. As the players move through the age groups, we get far fewer who prefer GA/GS as they quickly learn how much extra work and shooting training is required to be successful in these positions! So with the Juniors, we often have to steer them into the positions they are best suited for as we need all 7 positions filled to make a team.

Senior players can attend the trial day only, as they generally have a better grasp of their best positions for trialling, or participate in prep4rep if they wish.

On registering, each player nominates two positions to trial for and is guaranteed the opportunity to have court time in both these positions on the trial day, however, the selectors may also want to see that player trial in another position. At club level, a player might like to swab bibs each week and play in lots of different positions, and that’s great, but, at Rep level, teams are chosen with a balance of shooters/midcourters/defence so it is very rare to play more than one or two positions throughout the rep season.

Our Rep Coordinator works very hard to create multiple draws for Trial day to ensure all players get to play their two preferred positions. The selection panel will then start to narrow down selections and create new draws on the run to test players out with and against other players of similar abilities. If you are unable to attend it is essential you let us know asap so the draws can be revised!


What happens on the actual trial day?

Once registrations have closed, players will be advised of the time for their age group to attend the venue.

Trials will take up to 90 minutes to complete for each age group and players are expected to be present for warm up 20 mins prior to their trial start time.


Players will be given the opportunity to trial in both of their nominated positions. Players may also be required to play non-preferred positions for several reasons:

  1. To fill spots in teams (eg if 90% of 11yos want to trial as GA – we will need them to also fill other positions so everyone gets their GA chance!)

  2. To give selectors a chance to see them in a more appropriate position so they don’t miss out on selection because they have only nominated in extremely popular positions.

  3. To try different combinations of players to see who works well together or, conversely, who works well against other strong players.


Players will have numbers written on one arm and opposite leg to assist selectors in identifying them during the trial.

Squad/team announcement – at the end of each trial session, players will be excused for a drink break while the selectors finalise their selections.


Players will then be called over and the successful names read out. Players named will immediately proceed to the change rooms to commence uniform try on and will be given a form with order details and their sizes to take home.

All uniforms must be ordered by you via the link provided. Once the deadline has closed, additional orders cannot be guaranteed. HDNA will not hold excess stock.

Acceptance of selection, including deposit, must be made by 5pm 23 Nov to secure your place in the squad/team.

Unsuccessful players will be given a form to take home which will advise contact details for specific feedback, if desired. In the event of injury or withdrawal, these players may receive an offer at a later date if suitable for the position required, however this is not guaranteed.


Who are the selectors?

Each trial session is scheduled for a specific age group and will have a selection panel comprised of the lead coach for that age group plus other qualified coaches as appointed by the Rep Coordinator.

For our 2023 teams, the lead coaches (Bec Stower, Rachael Brighton, Bell Hayes and Jodie Ferguson) are highly qualified and experienced in both coaching and selection not only for Highfields, but also for Darling Downs, QSS and State level teams.

So if I make a rep team – what are my obligations?

Rep is a big commitment!

  • Rep players must attend all training sessions, must be on time, must have a positive attitude and be open to coaching and feedback.

  • Rep players must understand that netball is a team sport and that, sometimes, what is best for the team may not be the same as what the individual prefers.

  • Rep players must display exemplary sportsmanship – not just to their team mates, but to their opponents and officials.

  • Rep players must develop resilience so that they can pick themselves up from disappointment and play as hard and well when losing as they do when winning. Rep experiences can soar from wonderful wins to disappointing losses – in the same carnival! Learning how to be graceful in both victory and defeat is an important part of our program as is learning from mistakes and improving game by game.

TLDR? - Turn up, be on time, be positive, accept and apply feedback and always give your best!

State Age teams travel and stay together with their fellow HDNA teams and officials for both SSA and JSA.

Inter District teams travel independently to each carnival. Most teams like to have a team dinner at carnivals like Goondiwindi or Maranoa (Roma) where people tend to stay overnight on the Saturday.

Accepting a position in a rep team means you are committing to attend all training sessions and carnivals (including practice carnivals).

So what will it cost?

Actual cost will be advised, asap and prior to your acceptance of a place in a rep team, once we have been advised of confirmed venues and dates from Netball QLD (for SSA/JSA) and Darling Downs Netball Region (for DDID).

Dependent on the location of the Junior and Senior State Age carnivals, player fees can vary from $500 - $1800 and are inclusive of travel and accommodation. Assistance with fund raising activities will be required to keep costs as low as possible.


On being named in a squad, all SA players will be required to pay a deposit of $200 as acceptance of their position in our Representative Program. This amount will be deducted from the total fees for the season. Invoices for the balance of fees will be issued when all teams have been announced. In the event of withdrawal $100 is non-refundable.


DDID fees are usually between $175-200 for the season. Transport and accommodation, if required, are a player responsibility.


Netball Queensland registration (currently $95.50 per annum) is required for both SA and DDID competitions. Most players already participate in school or club netball. The NQ annual fee is a once off so will only be paid when registering for whichever competition comes first (rep or club).

A named training singlet is included in both SA and ID fees and must be ordered at trial day in order to arrive in time for the commencement of training.


HDNA strives to keep fees as low as we can but need to cover costs including: competition fees, umpire payments, transport/accommodation when required, end of season function, training singlet, awards etc.


Uniforms are also required and an indicative list, based on the 2022 season prices, is featured on the last page of this document.



I have more questions – who do I talk to?


Our Rep Coordinator is Megan Bartlett-Horne. You can contact her via our association email



Closing thoughts from our Rep Convenor:


HDNA are tremendously proud of our award winning representative program, especially our ability over the past decade to provide representative opportunities to so many players with such tremendous success at all levels.


My own daughter has had an amazing representative journey, some years making Inter District teams and sometimes State Age Red teams. She has also participated in HDNA’s umpire development pathway and has umpired across both State Age divisions and Inter District grades from 11/12s to Opens.


I credit her participation in the Highfields Rep program with significant improvements in her resilience, courage and determination as well as helping her make wonderful friends across the region.


As a Rep parent, and coach, I can tell you that the path is not straight forward for everyone. Through her rep journey, my daughter has learned how to cope with disappointment, as well as how to  celebrate success – but the overall result has been overwhelmingly positive and we are both grateful to have been part of HDNA’s wonderful Rep program for the past 8 years.


I look forward to the 2023 season and hope to see you at the courts!




COMMITMENT outline – Senior State Age 15Yrs (2008), 16Yrs (2007) and 17/18Yrs (2005/6)


SSA carnival - Term 1 School Holidays (April) – dates TBA (4 day carnival)

Venue: TBA (set by Netball Queensland)

Teams travel together the day prior to the first day of competition and stay in team accommodation.


Training Carnivals - 2 Rep Carnivals (dates and venues TBA dependent on available carnivals, own transport required)


Training - Monday afternoons/evenings (4.30-6pm or 6-7.30pm TBC by coach) Commencing Monday 30 January 2023


Trials #1

Date: Saturday 12th November 2022

Where: Downlands college indoor courts

Time: TBA

Squad or Team Announcement as applicable – No later than Friday 18th Nov @ 9pm


# 2

Date: Monday 30 January 2023 onwards (squad training may be required for some age groups)

Where: Highfields Netball Courts

Time: 6-7.30pm

Navy/Red Team Announcement – NLT Friday 20th Feb 2023 @ 4pm



COMMITMENT outline – Junior State Age 12Yrs (2011), 13Yrs (2010) and 14Yrs (2009)


JSA carnival Term 2 School Holidays (July) – Dates TBA (4 day carnival)

Venue: TBA (set by Netball Queensland)

Teams travel together the day prior to the first day of competition and stay in team accommodation.


Training Carnivals - 3 Rep Carnivals (dates and venues TBA dependent on available carnivals. They will be held on Sundays) own transport required.


Training - Monday afternoons/evenings (4.30-6pm or 6-7.30pm TBC by coaches) Commencing Monday 6 Mar 2023


Trials #1 Prep4Rep Mondays 6-7.30

Dates: 10 Oct to 7 Nov

Where: Highfields Courts 220 Barracks Rd Highfields


# 2 Date: Saturday 12th November 2022

Where: Downlands college indoor courts

Time: TBA

Squad Announcement – at the end of trial session.


# 3 Date: Monday 6 Mar 2023 onwards (squad training)

Where: Highfields Netball Courts

Time: Monday afternoons/evenings (4.30-6pm or 6-7.30pm TBC by coaches)

Navy/Red Team Announcement – NLT Friday 31st Mar 2023 @ 9pm



COMMITMENT outline - INTER DISTRICT (DDID) 11 Dev, 11/12s, 13/14s, 15/16s


DDID Carnival dates - TBA (usually spread out from late April – Sep) 5 carnivals held on Sundays. Venues TBA.


Training - Monday afternoons/evenings (4.30-6pm or 6-7.30pm TBC) Commencing Monday 13 Feb 2023


*Optional - Term 1 Summer H-Series commences Tues 31 Jan (participation encouraged to build team cohesion prior to commencement of DDID).



#1 Prep4Rep Mondays 6-7.30 (compulsory for 2012s-2009s)

Dates: 10 Oct to 7 Nov

Where: Highfields Courts 220 Barracks Rd Highfields


# 2 Date: Saturday 12th November 2022

Where: Downlands college indoor courts

Time: TBA

Squad/Team Announcement – at end of trial session.




Commencing in 2023 – all Rep players will wear what is currently known as the “State Age” uniform regardless of whether they play in SSA, JSA or DDID.

For players who already have the current “Inter District” dress, Darling Downs Netball Region have granted us a transition period where both uniforms can be worn during the 2023 season.  From 2024 onwards, the “State Age” style uniform must be worn.

There are a number of compulsory uniform items for both SA and ID with additional items available


(Prices below are indicative only, based on previous year, and may change if increased by supplier).


Uniform lists



State Age Compulsory Kit

Travel Polo $35


Training Singlet (included)


Bucket Hat $20


Bike Pants $30


Uniform dress $70


Spray Jacket $45


 Socks (2 pairs) $15 ea


Travel Bag $35


Uniform Boys singlet $30


Uniform Boys shorts $30



Optional Items


Travel Polo $35


 Hoodie $45


Training Singlet (included)


Bucket Hat $20


 Backpack $30


 Hair tie with ribbons $6


Bike Pants $30


 Training Shorts $25



Inter District Compulsory Kit

Uniform dress $70


Socks (2 pairs) $15 ea


Uniform Boys singlet $30


Uniform Boys shorts $30


Training Singlet (included)


Bucket Hat $20

Optional Items


Travel Polo $35

Hoodie $45


Track pants $35

Spray Jacket $45


 Visor $10


Travel Bag $35

Backpack $30


Hair tie with ribbons $6


Bike Pants $30


Uniform dress $70



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