Just 60min a month could make a difference

Every year HDNA holds the AGM to reinvigorate and add new faces to the board as others depart as their child's netball journey has come to a end. This is your chance to join a strong vibrant team and help young netballers and other families like yours have a great netball experience

For as little investment as a hour a month on your behalf you could change the lives of hundreds of netball players in the association. Whether you come with previous experience from a school, business or completely new and just want to lend a hand to make your child's club that little bit better we need you. We can help you with learning the ropes and understanding what you will be doing around the association.

Highfields has always prided itself on having lots of good volunteers to spread the workload so no one is overwhelmed. So this year we will ask once again, will you help the children in our committee.

Many people want to know what jobs are on offer so here is a list of the regular jobs we try to fill every year.

1. President: Like leading people ? Forward Thinker, Good Communication Skills, Budgets and Planning, Represent the Association at meetings and events.

2. Vice President: Like being a 2IC? Able to step up when the president is away, Good People Skills, Assist in Planning and Budgeting 

3. Secretary: Keep things in order and keep great records ? Keep people informed, Be the gateway of all correspondence and communication and keep the minutes in order

4. Treasurer: Love money and figures ? Have some experience in Bookkeeping or Finance, Invoicing, payments, Balancing Accounts, the word general ledger does not frighten you ?

5. Representative Coordinator: Can you develop players of all ages to reach their potential ? Organise Representative Carnivals, Select Representative Teams, Train our Representative players and develop our coaches

6. Equipment and Assets Coordinator: Can you track of things ? Maintain a asset register, Purchase new equipment, Equip or teams, maintain associations equipment room

7. Uniform Coordinator: Ever wanted to work in clothing ? Maintain uniform stocks for all our teams, order and sell uniforms and be able to keep track of everything in between 

8. Saturday Coordinator / Registrar: Do you enjoy liaising and meeting new people? Coordinating Saturday
teams, Track player registration, Liaising with other Associations

9. Umpire Co-ordinator Do you enjoy organising and coordinating? Organising Umpires ,Coordinating umpires at all games, Rep Carnivals and Saturdays, Umpire Development

10. Representative Registrar: Do you enjoy co-ordinating and data information? Coordinating rep player registration and data, Tracking and checking player information in the system.

11. Website/Social Media  Manager: Are you a Computer expert? Web design ,Keeping website up to date with latest news, information, results etc

12. Net Set Go Co- ordinator: Do you enjoy teaching young children? Organising players, bringing on the next generation of Highlanders, Teaching new skills

13. Sponsorship/Grants Coordinator: Is writing your speciality? Applying and writing information for grants, Staying up to date on available grants

14. Facilities / Maintenance Are you a maintenance person ? Regular checking of facilities, Reporting any faults or issues.

15. Canteen Coordinator: Do you enjoy cooking and feeding people? Ordering and organising canteen stock, Organising the canteen for game nights, carnivals

Every position filled takes us one step closer to having a fantastic year !