What is your HDNA team up to ?

In the words of the late great Stan Lee “Welcome, True Believers”

Well the preseason is about to commence and I thought I would take the chance to reach out and let you know what’s happening at HDNA.

As you all know only four board members remain from the 2019 team so it’s a new beginning at HDNA in 2020. Many people have been asking what our objectives are and what we will be working on this year- so here is the inside word to you, our HDNA family.

  • An increased focus on our athletes and our volunteers

Athletes and volunteers are HDNA, they are the life blood that powers the club week in week out. We as a board see nothing more important in our undertakings than making their and your experience enjoyable and we are driving towards meeting your expectations. This will see us invest more funds than ever in achieving this outcome. Be it in free coaching or player clinics, funding the training of umpires and other activities that will value add to people’s experience. This year we are committing ourselves to raising the bar for you our HDNA family.

  • Better Communication

We want to share our success and let you know what’s going on at HDNA so you are kept up with the latest news. Of course you are familiar with our Facebook page but we have now launched our new website. We have also established platforms on Instagram and You Tube which we will be adding content throughout the year for your enjoyment.

  • Easier Interactions

This year we introduced the online Club trial form, this is just the start. We are now developing an online store so in the future uniform orders can be done in the comfort of your home on mobile. We want you to be able to interact with HDNA in a way that suits you so we are researching technological solutions that will allow this to happen.

  • More consultation and listening

The board made a decision not only to be proactive but also to listen to the HDNA community. We will be engaging with you on key issues and asking for your feedback to help our future direction. This will be facilitated by online surveys allowing everyone to have their say.

HDNA is a fantastic community and truly a unique Netball family. So many people have put so much time and effort into achieving what we have today, which is why it’s essential this growth and vibrancy continues. Your 2020 board see ourselves not only as custodians but also being able to add a fresh page to this story. We have a number of projects we hope to announce as they come to fruition and believe they will not only add value, but be truly exciting ventures for our club.

All the Best

The HDNA Team